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February 05, 2014


Curious Wavefunction

Great post, although if I were you I would have picked a different title for it. You are right that all it takes is to spend a few minutes researching the background on any "chemical". Unfortunately as Carl Sagan said, it's much easier to press people's emotional "wow" buttons than have them engage in the harder and more time consuming task of actually thinking about the science. The other problem is the Precautionary Principle; people would rather play it safe and not have something in their food under the working assumption that it may pose some harm.

In any case, the road to "recovery" will be hard and long and efforts like this are the only ones that will keep people sane, so thanks.


Apparently upon wetting in combination with flour the majority of the chemical is turned to biurea which is complete inert. It looks like this pretty girl won because Subway has announced the chemicals removal. A shame these people have so much power

Ian Wood

You're letting the Foodbabe's looks cloud your judgement. This is not an example of the blind leading the blind. I'd bet most of her followers are women.

More to the point, unless you are a molecular biologist, you know as little as I do when it comes to how dangerous this chemical is to humans. And you may see the logic that if several other countries have banned a chemical's consumption by humans, there may be a good reason for it. Maybe the impact is negligible in the minute amounts found in Subway food. But who's to know?

And even if it is, think of this as an example of the widespread use of chemicals, processed ingredients, etc. in the majority of food Americans eat that is slowly poisoning the population all in the name of taste and efficiency. I used to think the FDA protected us from unscrupulous businesses practices that could endanger Americans. But it turns out, the FDA is horribly corrupt. Just look up how Aspartame became legally approved. Everyone has to watch out for their own.

Foodbabe is mostly challenging companies to stop hiding their ingredients. They go to great lengths to hide these ingredients giving them different names, calling them natural flavoring, etc. It's not fair to the consumer who actually wants to know what they're eating. A company advertising healthy food shouldn't be using using chemicals in their products that are bad for you. And if it does, it should make it CLEAR to its customers and let them decide.

Jeffrey Friedl

The next step is to finally get a ban on the distribution and use of dihydrogen monoxide, which kills thousands of Americans every year, many CHILDREN. How many more of our future generations need to die before we blot out the scourge DHMO?!?!

Stephen Dennison

Yeah, but she's REALLY hot Steve ... c'mon, let the girl breathe a little. :-)

DiHydrogen Monoxide ... er ... H2O ? Water ya talking about?


Jennifer Brunson

LMAO at those of you that think this is a sexist blog. Man up, grow some balls, and quit sitting around waiting to be offended.

Yeah, I'm a girl ...

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