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January 17, 2012


Roland Galibert

Thank you very much for this information, Steve, I was having trouble installing an application this morning on my new Windows 7 HP and this fix was the solution.

Louis Berkowitz

Thanks for this. Lifesize Softphone was affected by this issue.

ronald bushnell

Excellent! worked straight away for Advanced IP Scanner install.
Thanks for the answer.


Solved problems with Testo comsoft 5 installation on a new HP.


I have tried clearing the registry file and somehow still have the same issue. should I try someting else.


thanks delete the value worked

Wayne Fuller


Whenever I go the the web looking for solutions and am asked to go to the registery and "delete something..." I always notice that my registry almost, if ever looks like whats described, yours was no exception.

i.s., under the entry "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\" I have NO "InstallLocation?"

Not sure what you mean by multiple locations... ?


Wayne Fuller

Does not appear to work for MySQL.
Went through my registry at the location indicated and cleared all instances of "InstallLocation", regardless of what it contained, and still cannot install MySQL Server.


BTW, does anyone monitor this page and provide possible alternate solutions????

Wayne Fuller

Last comment...

Did finally get this to work. However, all I did was search the registry for "\Hewlett-Packard\\" and clear the value (not delete it), and the install worked.



@Wayne: that trick worked. My entry was also somewhere else in the structure.

Many thanks to you and to Steve -- I have now been able to install SDL MultiTerm!


Amazing! Worked perfectly, thanks!


when i scan the scanning on advanced ip address. the msg is cannot connect to the server. wht shud i do.


Also deleted the "\Hewlett-Packard\\" and the install worked flawlessly.
Thanks so much.


@wayne: could you please tell me how to clear or delete the "\Hewlett-Packard\\"? I'm trying to install SDL Multiterm but also got that error message. A step-by-step guide will help me since I have never modify an entry from the registry. Thank you! Claudia.


Thank you! It worked.


thank you, save my life!


Thank you, it works!!


I have deleted two Install location but it still doesn't work for Multiterm 2011. Please, is there a translator colleague who graciously agrees to help? I tried to contact personally one of you but I did not get reply.


Thanks for this information, it works



oh~ Thanks you :)


5 Jan 13

This fix is still working, although I only had it here:

Didn't happen on my wife's Compaq, just my HP.

Spent hours yesterday trying track down a fix & spent over an hour with HP support today (they want a complete system restore!!) Thank you, Steve. I missed it myself going through the registry the first time because I put \\hp\ instead of \hp\\


Thanks a lot!! it works

Ben Loscalzo

This article saves the day again. Thanks!




I had the same problem with Multiterm. Deleting the line didn't help. What helped, as a user pinpointed rightly was to delete ONLY the entry \Hewlett-Packard}\\ and not the whole line. So, I thank him a lot for that!

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