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September 02, 2010


Markus Wüst

Thank you! It's working!


Thank you so much!!!!

David Lai

Thanks so much! Didn't know that you had to add the bridge adapter!!


Great, I added VMWare Bridge PRotocol as you described and it worked.
Thanks you so much (I'm using VMWare 8 and Windows 8.1).

Chima Anago

Your are the man. This issue nearly made me crazy.
Thanks very much.

Tony Stepanek

After new build 10586 of Windows 10 was delivered to my PCs "something" happened to my VMWare Workstation installation and networks could not be bridged.
In one case I used the Restore defaults tip, for the other one I had to install the VMWare bridging service on the network adapter.
Your post helped me to solve it. Thank you very much for this post.


many thanks.
Merry Christmas

Esam Sherif

Waw.. this article still helps alot !!


thank you very much !!!

Anwar Nillufary

Thank you for the detailed article.

In my case ''NET START'' has resolved the problem. But I couldn't figure out what made the service stop at the first place?

Because I tried all other solutions described here, but non of them actually worked for me.

Thank you again,


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