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September 02, 2010


Bryan Boyer

Steve, YOU R DA MAN !!!!! I have been banging my head against the wall with this one.
I found out the the Host NIC didn't have the VMware Bridge Protocol checked in the properties. Not sure how that happened but it did. This is an XP host machine with Ubuntu guest.

Thanks for the wisdom


Thanks ok for me too


Thanks Steve, my prob is exactly the same as Bryan

Fabio D.

Thank you, I have the same problem listed in the "No bridging adapters seen at all". I found myself that the Vmware bridge protocol was missing from my network adapter, but didn't know about the vmnetbridge driver. Probably once fixed the problem in the network adapter the driver will have run after a reboot, but you saved me a lot of troubleshooting.
I don't know why this happen, I played with the Virtual Network editor but never removed the bridge from the network adapter.


I have another possible resolution for you. I had the "No bridging adapters seen at all" issue you list above, and my problem was that for some reason "VMware Network Adapter VMnet1" and "VMware Network Adapter VMnet8" were disabled under my Network Connections. I may have turned them off at some point, I'm not sure, but once I enabled them the bridged adapter appeared in the VMware network configuration.


Many thanks Steve, that was very useful for me, very good stuff !!!!


Cool Cooool but do you know if i can connect 2 VM's??



thank you so much! I installed CyberGhost VPN, which screwed up all my network adapters. Now its working again!

Thank you

Network Adapters

In an environment with multiple network cards, with Network Adapters the first VMnet adapter bridged, trying to make a second one bridge to the "other" adapter fails.

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I'm not certain, but once I empowered them the connected connector showed up in the VMware lattice configuration.Thank you, I possess the same situation posted in the "No spanning connectors perceived whatsoever".

Laptop Repair

Good article but beware restoring defaults as it can make a lot of unnecessary work in the long run.


Hey guys, nice this post, but i have the same problem, but using Linux. Did you have any tip for this OS ? Thanks.


very helpful! thank you very much :)


Great description of the solution for my problem.
Thanks a lot!


think you verry mutch ...


Hello Steve,
thanks a lot for the clue.
Best Regards from Austria.

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Hey guys, nice this post, but i have the same problem, but using Linux. Did you have any tip for this OS ? Thanks.

Steve Morin

Thanks for publishing this. Helped me out.


Great fix ... worked like a charm.


I was about to give up and reinstall when the restore defaults worked. Cheers !

Kanhaiya Prasad



I'm relived .. thank you very much for detailed help ..

Mr Tree

Excellent walk-through :)
Saved my bacon!



Worked with Windows 8 too

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thank you so much! I installed CyberGhost VPN, which screwed up all my network adapters.

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