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September 03, 2006



If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and is hosted overseas, it's a scam.


Thanks for your comments about this new fax STOPFAXNOW. When I first saw it, it sounded so good - as it has been soooo frustrating paying for the ads of disgusting companies that use these unethical practices. I am glad you looked further into this. Hmmm. I guess we will be getting more spam soon about their new fax machine or modem. Darn Seems like someone smart can figure out how to REALLY stop this stuff.

Bea nix

I may not be computer savvy. So, how do i register?


I got my fax today from STOPFAXNOW.COM.
If they are for real, there would be a way of tracking the origin of the fax they sent. This missing info should set off red lights and alarms in anyone's mind.
This faxed spam stinks of a con game, I won't fall for it and neither should you!


I just received the same fax solicitation. This fax in itself has violated Federal law because it is required to carry the sender's header ID and orgination fax number...



I would have to agree with you here, sounds like a pretty good scam. U think that since really nobody uses fax machines anymore, its just a scam to probably get their word out about their services.
I'm just scared to think who'll receive their "fax-bombs" in OCT. Hehe

Jerry S. Siegel

Anything that can be done to eliminate the costly junk faxes would be worthwhile. Most people are not aware that it is against the law to fax without permission. Please let me know where I can mail many of these that I have received in the past month or two.

Edward Devlin



I too got the "stopfaxnow.com" fax and was half way through registering before deciding to see if there were other comments out there. Glad to have found this. I've been saving my junk faxes for YEARS thinking that one day I'd file my own suit. The FCC site says you can get $500 for EACH violation in a private lawsuit. I've often thought about pursuing this and if anyone has any advice on the matter, it would be welcome...just don't fax it to me. Seriously though, it really pisses me off! I've called those numbers at the bottom of the junk faxes countless times and it seems they just keep coming from the same people. Maybe someone WITHOUT a hidden agenda will file a class action suit one of these days. If so, I'm in!

kathryn weissberger

I would like to register. I hate these advertisements. And apart from the expense, since my fax machine is in my bedroom, and these things come through in the middle of the night, they have a nuisance value that's enormous.


Are you kidding? You will probably get more faxes after you register than before. I can't believe people get sucked into these things.


I too was suspicious and decided to check it out.
As always, there are no free lunches.


Try my approach, if they send you an advertisement with an 800 responce fax number, I use a maker and mark please remove me from your list across the face of their flyer, and fax it back to them...twenty copeis of it.

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