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June 23, 2005


Eric Fleischman

Another thing to look for in a gigabit switch: an application that can actually use them. :)

Most people I've seen going Gig are doing so because "I want more speed" even though the network is no where near the bottleneck in their application perf today.

So I'm all for faster networks, but if you want faster systems, it takes some analysis in my book before you really have justified new NICs and switches end to end.

Steve Friedl

In this case, they will use it; they have a raft of very fast servers and needed a 1gbit uplink to the ISP router. They have already had servers go above 100mbit of real traffic per server.

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber

Cisco equipment does not only have 64bit counters, but also OIDs which directly delivers the five minute exponentially-decayed moving average of certain counters. For example, . (locIfInBitsSec) delivers that value for input octets.

otoh, cisco is notoriously known for misfiring interface counters.

John Boyd

I'm trying to monitor/graph a Cisco 3750 switch using MRTG and Cacti but I'm getting the dreaded wrap around issue (goes a little above 100mbit, then pops back down to zero). Does anyone know how to correctly monitor them?


in MRTG config file, use SNMP version 2
eg. public@

Matthew Gillaspie

FYI the Dell 5324s now have a firmware upgrade for to support 64bit counters and so do the 3000 series. The new 62xx series supports 64bit out of the factory

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