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November 18, 2004



I do miss the old days sometimes.
My first newsgroup posting that I made was in 1987 or 1998 and my address was pretty entertaining then.


I was an intern at Microsoft some time ago and was also a bit amused to see a bunch of people going "whack whack" (I've only seen it being used in place of backslashes, not forward slashes). The interns took note of this--one time, there was an intern event, and before the speaker got up to talk, a bunch of people in the audience randomly started to say "whack whack whack whack." Sounded like a giant auditorium full of ducks.

Scott Walters

* = splat

# = hash (still common usage)

These pre-date MS-DOS, going back to at least CPM.



I'm not sure that there is an absolute designation of whack being a forward or a backward slash.

Interesting that you've just run into it. I've heard it off and on both within and outside of ms since 96 or so

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