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August 01, 2004


Lauren Gelman

Yikes! Thank you for pointing this out. We are working to fix the problem ASAP.

Joe Gratz

Fixed. Comments are disabled.


I found that just adding "mt-close" and setting it to shut off comments after 10 days was enough to stop all spam comments on my blog.

Dan Isaacs

Went through this myself. At one point I had over 26K comments on my blog after a year or so of neglect. After installing MT-Blacklist, I've gotten down to 1200 comments, of which probably 900 are spam. It's taking a lot of by hand discovery to get rid of these last few hundred.

I thought about using mt-close, but I see a lot of legit traffic coming into old posts, and I'd prefer to just deal withthe spam instead of chut things down.

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