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May 17, 2012


Paul Slade

Excellent article. We spent all day trying to get a new Mitel phone system installed because the IP Phones couldn't discover the DHCP server.

The issue was the DHCP options as we use a Win2008R2 DHCP server and VLAN's across multiple sites.

After reading you article we got it working! Mitel Support in the UK couldn't fix the problem!


iOS Application Developers

Now, I suspect many phones act this way, as it sort of makes sense. Is there a configuration file to look into? It's quite possible things are in there to define what VLAN it should use for the PC port.

John White

Anyone get the error "tftperr: Packet Send" after following these instructions? Its getting one the right vlan etc... not sure what I am missing.


Great writeup! Do you know, do the Mitel phones work with the "switchport voice vlan " command on interfaces? I know this is typically how we set things up in a Cisco environment but not sure if it would play well with Mitel stuff or not... An example of this would look something like:

interface FastEthernet0/7
description Mike's phone
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 1
switchport voice vlan 4

Tonym Pa

Excellent article and instruction on this, what should otherwise be, a simple process.

Before finding this article, I spent the better part of an entire weekend, plus the Monday afterwards, searching google, digging through forums, testing phones, and calling every Mitel support tech who speaks Layer 2 and 3 that I could find.

What ended up saving us was your procedure (with the Magic Mitel String :) ) and a DHCP Helper Address entered into the router.

Phone system

The information regarding Mitel IP phone system seems to be great.we using so many IP phone system with different facility which they provide on it.But after reading this blog for the mitel IP phone system which you provide them with a static IP on the same VLAN as the rest of the network is interesting.

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Don't stress yourself out in finding a way to solve this experimentation. Time will be the best solution there. Take it easy and for sure, you can find what you are looking for.


I wrote a similar article to this a little while back on doing DHCP with linux or Cisco DHCP services rather than windows. Check it out at http://technologyordie.com/mitel-phone-dhcp-configuration-with-multiple-vlans


Excellent article.

I have been trying for months to move DHCP from the Mitel controller to our own microsoft dhcp server because I wanted to make use of the superscope option which the Mitel controller does not have. I was battling to get this to work.

I was just on the verge of calling a consulting company, when I came across this blog. I have actually saved my company some few bucks.


 Sunil Shirurkar

Thanks Steve , I got clear idea

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