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October 17, 2009



uhm... SQL injiection... ok, bad programming practice or maybe some bug slipped in but...

"This suggests that the bad guy has had ongoing access to limited data on the OE site (full name, email address, username, password) since the beginning, and it's only now that they finally got the last piece of the puzzle. This suggests that this latest incident is part of the initial ongoing breach, not a second breach. I could be wrong on this too."

Now that means storing password in CLEAR TEXT inside a database accessible from a web front-end and this in turn isn't just "poor programming" it's CRIMINAL if you think that people should trust those folks


Paychoice has the worst customer service and they have made many mistakes with my payroll. One thing after the other. For example they had wrong employees on our payroll, they screwed up our workmans comp, sometimes I would get reports and sometimes not, direct deposit was screwed up and the list goes on. I have since went with another payroll company and paychoice still after 15 days has not deposited my payroll taxes back into my account. I have called them, e-mailed them, and even faxed them and they never reply. They are the most unprofessional payroll company I have ever encountered. I hope this helps other small businesses when they have to choose a payroll company. Do yourself a favor and go with a reputable company. Life is so much easier with professionals that know what they are doing. I know I learned my lesson.

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