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March 15, 2009


Alex Chan

love your stuff. will keep an eye on your blog.


Not to seem cheap or anything, but I suspect that if you're trying to get back into blogging that it might be a better idea to sign up for something like Wordpress' service. They offer a free, hosted version that is incredibly good at catching spam (with their akismet plugin, plus, you can go on vacation for a year and not come back with a (small?) hole in your pocket. Customization may give something to be desired though.

I can actually see an advantage in paying for an outsourced blog, in the sense of: "Hey! I'm paying for that! I should use it!" though. Which may be a good motivator for you :)

[ I was already pretty familiar with Movable Type, so going with their hosted service was the path of least resistance for me. I also particularly wanted to use blog.unixwiz.net as the hostname, and their lower-cost (or free?) version didn't allow this. For $150/year, this is something I don't have to think about very much -- Steve ]

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